Centigon Security Group, formerly Carat Security Group
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Threats Met. Threats Defeated
Bullets on glass. Explosives on the roadside. A high-speed chase. Rigorous testing leads to in-the-field results. Centigon means no compromises. In order to meet and defeat the threats of the present and plan for the environment of the future, each product damaged in the field is rigorously examined to ensure that our solutions exceed the need and provide the ultimate in mobile security. Here is a brief sampling of our field reports. The results speak for themselves.

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Military Solutions  
Afghanistan (2003) — M114 Up-Armored HMMWV

While driving at night, near the recently liberated Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan, an armored Military Police M1114 HMMWV ran over an anti-armor land mine with its left front tire. Despite the incredible blast, none of the four occupants inside were injured.

Even the gunner, who was standing in the turret at the time of the explosion, remained unhurt. He later stated that the vehicle was lifted nearly a meter off the ground and tossed to the right. The wheel and spindle were found approximately 75 meters away from the vehicle.

The only damage to the interior was minor: the steering column came loose, the instrument panel popped out, and engine cover cracked. The land mine left a crater over 80 cm. in diameter and 60 cm. deep. Although the vehicle was completely lost, the occupants suffered nothing more than minor cuts and bruises. None of the four were hospitalized and all were able to return to full duty.


Personal Defense Solutions  
Near Bogota, Colombia (2002) — Jeep Grand Cherokee with B4+ Armor Package

While heading to a town near Bogota, an armored Jeep Grand Cherokee occupied by its owner and a passenger was cut off by another vehicle, obliging them to stop.

Four people carrying handguns and submachine guns exited the vehicle and approached the Jeep. The driver at first thought they were authorities because the vehicle had blue and red lights on the top, however the passenger quicly realized they were attackers and activated the Centigon Security Group installed dead-bolt locks.

As the driver sped away, the attackers began shooting an undefined assortment of handguns, as well as one submachine gun at the vehnicle. The rear window protected with 21mm thick transparent armor as well as other life-saving accessories including added roof protection, an intercom/siren system, steel belts and a protected battery housing allowed the driver and passenger to successfully evade an obviously dangerous situation and undoubtedly saved their lives during the ensuing attack.


Cash-in-Transit Solutions  
Netherlands (2005) — Mercedes Benz Cash-in-Transit Vehicle

Four assailants attack a Mercedes CIT vehicle operated by Geldnet in the Dutch county of Limbourg with automatic weapons.

After blocking the front and back of the CIT vehicle with their vehicles, the gunmen proceeded to fire at the CIT vehicle and unsuccessfully attempt to enter the rear of the vehicle using explosives.

After failing to gain access to the vehicle, the four attackers fled the scene after setting fire to the two vehicles used in the attack. Local firefighters were soon on scene and extinguished the flames and assisted the CIT crew in evacuating their vehicle. None of the crew were injured in the attack and the vehicle was quickly repaired and returned to service.


Head-of-State Solutions  
Madrid, Spain (1995) — Audi A8 with B6 Armor Package

April 19th, 1995, sixteen people are injured during an attack on a vehicle that was transporting José Maria Aznar, leader of the right wing Populist Party. It was five weeks before nationwide municipal elections that Mr. Aznar’s Popular Party was favored to win.

Mr. Aznar was riding in an armored Audi A8 when his vehicle was hit by a huge blast. Spanish authorities estimate that more than 25 kilograms of explosives were used in the remotely detonated explosion, which destroyed 14 other vehicles and severely damaged nearby buildings.

Mr. Aznar, his driver and bodyguards suffered only minor injuries because of his vehicle’s heavy armor plating and was later declared to be in “good physical condition” by his doctors. “It was horrible” said Mr. Aznar to his family. In spite of the violence of the explosion, Mr. Aznar was able to walk into a clinic close to the incident.