Centigon Security Group, formerly Carat Security Group
OEM Relationships
The Trust of Leading Manufacturers
The proven ability to work with major OEM providers around the world sets the Centigon Security Group apart from other armored vehicle providers. Our in-house sales and engineering teams are well versed in the details of selecting, designing and manufacturing a vehicle to meet the needs of the customer, while still maintaining the comfort and convenience found in a non-armored vehicle. Centigon works closely with OEM manufacturers to provide Global Service and Support under existing warranties via Global dealer networks. This unparalleled service and support, combined with the superior product confidence inherent in a Centigon designed armor and integration package, provides an unmatched customer focused experience.

Major commercial brands partner with the Group to provide complete armored support through shared development and cooperative marketing. These relationships ensure that your vehicle meets the most rigorous of standards and maintains your OEM warranty and service guarantee.

Land Rover, Renault, Jaguar

The Group's joint development experience extends to the heavy-duty truck platforms as well. Cooperative efforts and access to complete vehicle parts lists further enhance the experience of purchasing your complete lifecycle solution.

Scania, Mercedes, Renault