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Setting the World Standard
The mobile protection market can be confusing. Ballistic standards vary across the globe and each company presents you with technical jargon and complex charts that further complicate your decision. At Centigon, we take the guesswork out of ballistics through a system of threat identification, world-class research and development and proof of concept via material certification and independent full-vehicle testing.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines set by European Standards CEN 1063, NATO STANAG and National Institute of Justice (NIJ), but more importantly, we match the threat level to your armor configuration and ensure that you understand fully the protection advised and installed.

The Process
The Centigon rigorous design and development process consists of three stages. First the threat is analyzed and desired protection level determined. Next, the design team develops a solution that meets the threat requirements while maintaining base vehicle characteristics and finish. Materials are then tested for integrity and a prototype is constructed. Every vehicle design is thoroughly tested and in many cases, the completed vehicle is then destroyed scientifically to confirm and officially certify the level of protection through independent ballistics laboratory.

Each stage in the process is interconnected to provide constant feedback throughout the process. To learn more about each phase in the ballistics and design process, select from the map to the right.

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