Centigon Security Group, formerly Carat Security Group
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Centigon Defense Up-Armor Kits
Sophisticated and powerful IEDs and assault weapons continue to proliferate and existing platforms are often ill-equipped to perform against modern threats. Centigon Defense is uniquely positioned to address this need. From transparent armor and aramid fibers to titanium, boro silicates and ceramics, Centigon leads the industry in materials research and has the proven capability to integrate these into any platform.
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Up-armor Photo Gallery (10 images in gallery)
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
The armored kit for the M113 consists of several panels fixed to the perimeter of the vehicle that will resist blast, IED/EFP and AP ammunition.
Armor level: B6
The kit for the HMMWV includes several panels that will resist blast, IED/EFP and AP ballistic threats. Available on M998 and M1097 configurations.
Armor level: B6
M939 5-ton truck
The U.S. Military M939 is a helmet cabin concept easily attached in less than 8 hours and available in STANAG 1 or 2 levels.
Armor level: STANAG 1/2
Land Rover Defender 110 DasJ
The dismountable kit for the Defender 110 is flexible and helicopter transportable while offering AK-47 through STANAG 1 level protection.
Armor level: B4+ - STANAG 1