Centigon Security Group, formerly Carat Security Group
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Centigon Defense Tactical Vehicles
At Centigon, our integrated solutions for vehicle protection include various tactical vehicles for a full range of platforms. Our tactical products include troop transport vehicles, pursuit vehicles, armored personnel carriers, command and control vehicles and riot-control trucks. We provide customized solutions, which ensure maximum platform performance while optimizing armor solutions to meet specific requirements.

Solutions in this category include our popular Toyota-based APC line, Mercedes Benz Unimog configurations and tactical GMC Yukon/Suburbans.
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  6-10 passenger capacity
  Multiple ballistic configurations
  Worldwide service and support
  Runflat tire system
  Available gunports/turret
  Command and control package
  Jamming system (ECM)
  Fire suppression system
  Electric winch
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Black Scorpion APC Family
Utilizing a Toyota chassis, the Centigon APC family consists of an Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV), Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) and Police APC configuration
Armor level: STANAG 1
Unimog U5000/U1300 APC
Developed in concert with Mercedes Benz Trucks, the STANAG 2 Unimog is ballistic/blast certified, providing the ultimate protection.
Armor level: STANAG 1-3
Wolverine APC
Based on the Ford F-series chassis, the Wolverine offers protection levels up to B7 and UL10 for .50 caliber defense.
Armor level: up to B7
Tactical Yukon/Suburban
With multiple armor levels and configurations including a versatile turret ring, the Yukon is ideal for off-road and urban intervention.
Armor level: B4 - B7