Centigon Security Group, formerly Carat Security Group
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Centigon Defense Riot Control Vehicles
Local authorities are placed in harm's way each and every day. Whether combating illegal drug trade, rioters or day-to-day police activity, rugged, dependable vehicles provide the needed edge in the war against crime. Centigon Defense riot control vehicles including APC, water cannon and command vehicles are designed in concert with law enforcement personnel to meet and exceed field requirements.
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  Protection levels B4-STANAG 3
  Protected fuel tank
  Multi-layered ballistic glass
  Anti-mine protection
  Military radio HF/VHF/UHF
  Jamming system (ECM)
  Smoke/tear gas launcher
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Wolverine P-APC
Based on the Ford F-series, the Wolverine offers superior protection and tractability for off-road requirements.
Armor level: Up to B7
Unimog P-APC
Legendary Unimog performance, certified for ballistic and blast defense up to STANAG 3.
Armor level: Up to STANAG 3
Black Scorpion P-APC
Based on a Toyota chassis, the Scorpion offers reliable police intervention capabilities in a nimble package.
Armor level: STANAG 1
Big Bear Water Cannon
Capable of knockdown at over 50m, the Big Bear can be designed around a variety of chassis options.
Armor level: B6
Little Bear Water Cannon
Quick response, effective crowd dispersal. The Little Bear carries 7,000L of water for riot control needs.
Armor level: B4-B6